From 1913 to 1920, several re-alignments of the Lincoln Highway happened for possibly several reasons. One reason was to eliminate rail crossings, whichh were much more dangerous than today. Old-timers mention at least three roads being known as the “Lincoln” that ran parallel in this area. One path is as follows:

1920 route of the Lincoln Highway from BUCYRUS TO UPPER SANDUSKY via Nevada

In Bucyrus follow Mansfield Street west.

At traffic signal at Wynford High School, Turn Left onto Nevada-Wynford Road, which will curve to resume westerly

At county line, Nevada-Wynford Road becomes Township Road 55

After stop sign in NEVADA, continue one short block westerly, then turn Right onto Morrison Street

After stop sign, continue northerly onto State Route 231

Turn Left onto State Route 182

Turn sharply Right, continuing with State Route 182

At stop sign, turn Left onto Wyandot Avenue, continuing with State Route 182; note that at Right, an old brick road remnant is still visible behind the grocery store and in front of the radio station; at Left is another part of the same old road remnant

Note the brick pillar replica at left, at southeast corner of Fourth Street

Upper Sandusky.

Thanks to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and his "History and Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway" in Ohio for these instructions.