Upper Sandusky, Ohio

Upper Sandusky (on the Highway since 1913) Pop: 6,500

Wyandot County's county seat is located on the Sandusky River on the edge of the Ohio plains. ("Upper" Sandusky refers to its location on the topographically higher headwaters of the river.) The Wyandott Indians settled here before the white man came and were the last Ohio Indian village to leave, being removed to Kansas in 1843. A gristmill built for them is available for tour as well as the Wyandott Mission Church. North of here is where Revolutionary War Colonel Crawford was burned at the stake by the Delaware Tribe, beginning the end of battles between the British, their Indian allies and the Americans. On the east side of town is a short remnant of the original brick LH Lincoln Highway. Upper Sandusky also has a spectacular courthouse that was used in the filming Shawshank Redemption, a county museum, and candy and antique shops.

  • Killdeer Plains Nature Preserve
  • Stepping Stones Park
  •  Upper Sandusky City Reservoir
  • There are also two campgrounds, numerous parks, motels, and golf courses.
  • Fine dining at the Steer Barn
  • M.J. Mugsy's downtown
  • Curly fries at the Dairy Snack Drive-In (on the original LH)
  • The saying goes, "If you leave Wyandot County hungry, it's your own fault."

For more information, call 1-877-WYANDOT (1-877-992-6368).

Pillar near brick street in Upper Sandusky.

A section of original brick east of downtown behind Willson's Grocery.

In September 2001, the Ohio Bicentennial Commission placed this historical marker at the brick road remnant above.

Dedicated in 1900, the Wyandot County Court House is one of the most impressive in the entire state, highlighted by outstanding murals and an interior staircase which spans two levels. The court house is built on the site of a cemetery for soldiers who died in battle during the War of 1812.

The Wyandot County Court House is built on the site of a cemetery for soldiers who died in battle during the War of 1812, and has a beautiful interior.

The Lincoln Highway left Wyandot County on two different routes. 
- From 1913 - 1919 it followed a route from Upper Sandusky to Lima via Hardin County on what is now state routes 53W, 81W, 235S and 309W. 
- After 1919 it bypassed Lima in favor of a more northerly route through Wyandot and Hancock Counties on what is now Lincoln Highway C. H. 330.