(Ohio) -- A Lincoln Highway BUY-WAY Yard Sale Travelers Guide will be distributed along the corridors of Ohio's portion of America's historic first coast-to-coast paved road.

The guide is a free and useful tool for people planning to travel the annual BUY-WAY Yard Sale which takes place in early August.

Ohio Lincoln Highway Historic Byway Executive Director Mike Hocker said, "These guides can be found along the highway at participating businesses. Just check at local retails, restaurants, attractions, convenience stores and gas stations along the byway."

“The guide is very helpful since many people are confused about where the “Lincoln” ran...and it did change alignments through the years from 1913 to 1928,” Hocker added. “Then the government simply re-named the Lincoln Highway in most areas as US Route 30.”

“All alignments are fair game for shoppers, giving those in Ohio alone roughly 500 miles of yard sales, community events and festivals with lots of food, drink, fun for kids--and most importantly--shopping for bargains!" Hocker said.

Last year, there were more than 1,000 individual and organizational sales just in Ohio. Parts of Indiana, Illinois and Iowa are participating this year as well. West Virginia's 2-mile segment of the highway in Chester is also part of the BUY-WAY.

The guide features a map of all Lincoln Highway alignments, and corresponding Lincoln Highway towns in Ohio, and also shows the current US Route 30 which mostly parallels the "Lincoln." The guide also contains listings and ads for more than 50 of the larger group events scheduled during the three day event, and a convenient restaurant listing page. Thirty thousand of these will be distributed mid-July.

More information and a printable listing of yard sales and locations can be found at The list is being updated frequently until the yard sale event.

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